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We are a team of cat lovers led by Eric Walter, a dedicated cat owner, and experienced breeder. Eric has been working with cats for many years and has a wealth of knowledge on feline reproduction and pregnancy.

We noticed that there were few credible resources available for cat owners who wanted to track their cat’s pregnancy and monitor their health during this critical time. To fill this void, We created a cat pregnancy calculator that allows cat owners to calculate their cat’s due date while also providing tips and advice on how to care for a pregnant cat. The website also includes an extensive library of cat pregnancy articles and resources, making it a must-visit for cat owners during this exciting time.


Our website is dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information to cat owners who are expecting a litter of kittens. We understand that having a pregnant cat can be an exciting but also a worrying time for many pet owners. Our goal is to help you understand the process of cat pregnancy, provide you with a due date calculator and give you tips on how to care for your pregnant cat and prepare for the arrival of the kittens.

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